Friday, August 23, 2013

Prep for Yang Yang 100km: Week -7

5:15 wake up, coffee, 6:00 AM start.
Morning weight: 87.3kg (192.5lbs)
10.4 km, back yard trails, moderate pace.
Time: 1:05:14
Shoes: Hoka Stinson B Evo's.

Notes: Moderate paced, feeling pretty good, moderate temperature but still super muggy. Felt a little tired from the Jirisan Traverse but am ready!

9 AM start
Morning weight: N/A
9.4 km interval hill repeats. walked to start and back with watch running.
Time: 1:02:37
Shoes: Pearl Izumi E-motion M3 Road

Notes: Late start b/c we stayed at a pension last night, but luckily the weather was fairly cool this morning, lingering in the mid 20's before spiking just before lunch. Went and did P-vo's hill repeats, semi-sprinting the climb and resting on the down hill. The hill is just over 400 meters and only climbs 30 meters, so its fun to try and keep a pretty good pace up it. I did it 8X and felt very decent. Next time 10!

Wednesday: Woke up 5:30. Quick cup of coffee, out the door at 6.
Morning weight 87.6km
14km, tempo run
Time: 1:08:52
Shoes: Pearl Izumi E-motion M3 Road

Notes: Didn't feel great or smooth on this run. Wasn't a struggle, just didn't feel like I was moving efficiently. Time was a few minutes back of my best attempt on this route. Need to focus on form and get more road miles in, I feel. Really enjoying the shoes, the right foot feels fine but still have a little tweakage in my ankle.

Thursday: rest

6AM start
Morning weight: don't know, scale is out of batteries
27.5km mountain run 1,653 meters
Time: about 4 hours
Shoes: New* Pearl Izumi Emotion M2 Trail

Notes: Great run with Tibbs and Sesh, was feeling really good most of the run, pretty shattered by the end. Love the new trail shoes, will give them a few more test runs but really comfy and light. Post run pain in my right achilles, but nothing too dramatic. Will keep an eye on it.

5:15 wake up, coffee and toast. 5:45 Start
Morning weight: 86.9kg
18.1km mountain run (Daeryeongsan) 902 meters
Time: 2:45
Sheos: Salomon XA3D Ultra 2

Slow start, but worked out the legs on the road. The climbing was super slow to begin with, hiked a lot, and then finally got going the last 2km from the peak. Had a good run down and finally felt the leg fatigue just as I was pulling up to the house. Great weekend, feel great going into my rest Sunday!

Week Totals:
79.4 km
2812 meters of climbing
Time off my gludius maximus: 10 hours and change
Starting/ending weight: 87.3/ 86.9

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